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Carlos J. Mercado (Carlito)

With extensive experience in general mechanics automotive centers as "TALLERES TOBA" , "TALLER LIRANZO" and "TALLERES AMARO MOTORS", he studied front automotive mechanics and became a specialist in this area.
Accumulating fast experience as he worked for big allign centers such as "G & R Align Center" , where he worked for 3 years, then later in "AUTO CENTRO MANUEL" where he spent 3 years as a Master, developing great knowledge in all kinds of automobile solutions: American, Japanese and European car models..

  • Responsibilty
  • Always in time
  • Customer Service
  • Dependable
  • Solving any problem
  • Make your way on the road save
the best of professionals


With more than 10 years working for "G & R ALIGN CENTER" he has become very skilled in front automotive mechanics and as well in tire changing and balancing of all kinds of ring sizes.