Wheel Alignment


What would happen if you gave an Olympic long-distance runner two different types of athletic shoes to run his next race? Chances are his performance would suffer. The same can be said about your car's driving potential if its alignment isn't correctly positioned. When vehicle alignment is not proportioned correctly, two issues may occur:

Driving becomes more expensive
Driving becomes more dangerous
Driving in a vehicle without proper alignment is an expensive enterprise.

Not only does flawed alignment decrease gas mileage and tire life, it also adds stress to other vehicle components, including steering equipment and overall structural damage. Ideally, your vehicle´s wheels should be perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they meet these criteria is how our service professionals ensure your vehicle is properly aligned.

Driving in a vehicle without proper alignment is a dangerous idea. A car that is out of alignment can pull or drift away from a straight road, resulting in a possibly fatal situation. Excessive tire wear — another result of bad car alignment — can lead to tire blow-outs and poor traction, which also has potentially disastrous consequences. That is why it is imperative you let our alignment experts make sure you're driving smoothly and safely.

Featured Services
  • Wheel Balance

    Often confused with wheel alignment, a properly balanced wheel is a beautiful, perfectly tuned, wheel-tire combination. This is accomplished by placing measured lead weights on the opposite side of the "heavy spot" — the noticeable tread wear on your unbalanced tire. When your vehicle vibrates at a certain speed that might be the need of balancing the wheels. Wheel balance is the placing of little weights in the steel body of your tire and adjusting the lost weight that your wheel might have. Our experts in our company will test your wheel with our computerized wheel balance machine.

  • Tires

    Whenever a tire is needed to be replaced, we hold diffrent sizes in stock for all kind of ring sizes in excellent quality of the most well known brands. If for any reason a tire is needed and is not in stock, we´ll provide the service and serve with our partner in between the shortest time possible.

  • Car Check

    Your life and the ones you love depends in a highly percentage of the condition of the brakes and the parts of your front and rear alignment system.
    The wheel alignment is not just straightening the wheels, it is much more than that. It includes a system of parts that are all connected in between, like tire rod ends, ball joints, rack ends, shock absorbers etc. Due to the condition of the road and the time in use of your vehicle some parts are subject to wear out or suffer damage of any kind, so it is imperative to run an autocheck frequently.

    Once a vehicle comes to us, it will be in good hands, before any alignment. We go through a very exhaustive analysis in what condition your vehicle is. We can provide an exact diagnostic of which parts are damaged and which ones need to be replaced and we are able to replace any part of the vehicle or adjust them.

  • Car Key and General Key Service

    Cestrola offers a key service, including all general house-hold keys as well as duplication for any car keys. This includes high security keys, code keys for different models and any door keys etc.